Friday, November 21, 2008

Next class is Nov 26th at 10am

In the next class we again making small gifts, this time some calendars. The first, pictured above is a hanging calendar with some simple watercolouring.

The next a magnetic calendar, which involves colouring the flowers, although this is not visible in the photo at all.

And finally a stand up calendar suitable for a night stand or desk.
I will have a few different colour choices for you so if greens not to your liking, that won't be a problem.
If you would like to attend the class on Wednesday please email me to reserve your spot.
In the class on Saturday the 29th you will a make the bookmark in a folder and either the calendar or the second bookmark. I will leave the choice up to you. Email me if you would like to attend the class on the 29th. This will be the last Saturday class for the year.

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