Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Class Update and a card

Hi all,
Just wanted to let you all know what's happening around here.
The renovations on my kitchen, dining and family room started this week, and its currently in a terrible mess. Boxes everywhere, a temporary kitchen set up in the loungeroom, dust in all corners of the house, mess and clutter abound. So I won't be able to have any classes this month, but rest assured as soon as its in a bit better shape I will start up again. I am really hoping to resume at the start of April, as I recently received my copy of the new mini which starts 1 April, and all I can say is I love it! And I know you will too. There are so many new products that you will just have to have. You just wait.
I am still making cards of a night so I will do my best to post lots this month. I just have to find the charger for my camera.......not quite sure which box that was packed in???

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