Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sweet card class - Friday 15th and Wednesday 20th at 10.30am

I hope you have all been enjoying this holiday time of year. I just love the lack of traffic on the roads, it makes it so much quicker to get around...
Anyway onto the very first class of the year. This class involves four cards with a 'sweet' theme. The first card is a quirky old style gum ball machine card, which flips open so you can eat the lollies contained within. It has a soft vintage style to go with the image.

The second card has more vintage elements and includes a great new way of creating faux frosting - so easy and fun to create.

This bright card includes some jelly beans in one of the new sweet treat cups. I think it's nice to create something different from what's available at the shops, and this definitely is.

For the last card I included some watercolouring, because I know how you all like to practise this.

Date: Fri 15th Jan &Wed 20th
Time: 10.30am
Cost: $25

All welcome but you must email me to reserve your spot.

1 comment:

Karen said...

Hiya Michelle!

Just wanted to tell you that I lurrrrve your latest cards with the sweet treat cups - just fabo!

And that little crochet flower one is fabo too - such a lovely quick and easy little card!