Thursday, May 21, 2009

A new class for Wed 27th May, Mon 1st June and Saturday 20th June

I've often been told that people would love to come to my classes but can not make Wednesdays, so, I've decided as a bit of an experiment to offer this class on an additional day - Monday 1st June @ 10am, as well as Wednesday the 27th of May @ 10am and Saturday 20th June @ 10.30am.
In the classes we will be making cards using a lot of patterned paper from the Tea Party pack, aged to give it a soft vintage feel. This is not overly visible in the photos you will have to see the samples in person to really get the effect.

The second card also uses some chipboard from the So Tweet pack and hodgepodge (yep that's silver hodgepodge)

The third more chipboard and lots of glitter, as well as layered stamping to create the background paper.

And lastly, a post it note holder made from chipboard and covered in paper.
The class cost is $20 and covers all materials and tools. If you would like to attend on any of the three days please email me to reserve your spot. All welcome.

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