Thursday, October 23, 2008

Class Wednesday 29th October 10am

Hi everyone. These are the samples for the next class on Wednesday 29th October at 10am. In this class we will be making 5 cards, with a variety of techniques. So if you are looking for a stamping overview this is definitely the class to attend. The first card is pictured above - the card used is actually gold but it does not photograph well. It uses heat and stick powder and lots of glitter as well as vellum cardstock. You'll fnd a detail shot below.

The second card is one I have asked to do several times and involves using a brayer on gloss cardstock and a little masking.

The third card is an interactive card where the circle in the middles actually spins around. It uses the 'Short and Sweet' stamp set which is on special this month. Only $23.96 for 12 stamps!
Now this card again looks much better in real life. It uses silver ink, and metalic cardstock to give it punch, but is simple and would be easy to make in bulk if needed.

And last but not least, this card is called a never ending card, because the panels just keep flipping over and over. Absolutely impossible to photograph, but heaps of fun to play with and soooo simple to make.
I think you could get addicted to these!
For everyone that can't make it during the week I will be running this again on Saturday the 8th November so don't despair.
But if you would like to attend on Wednesday the 29th please email me to reserve your spot.
We might even have a birthday girl attending!!!
Well I'm off now to a meeting with the school regarding my son attending next year. It's so exciting for me! Next year will be the start of a new era with both kids at school.
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Anonymous said...

All absolutely stunning and beautiful cards, Michelle. Wish I could attend your class!

Julie said...

Gorgeous cards Michelle! I couldn't organize the car and car seat stuff for today, so I will have to miss out. :((( but have fun! :)) julie harrison