Thursday, August 14, 2008

Faux leather mini book class - Wed 20th August 10am

This weeks class is all about texture. In this class
you will create a faux leather mini book, where
paper is amazingly transformed into a leather
like material. I have worked on this technique for
a few years now and have worked out a few touches
to make a realistic look and feel. You'll also create
faux metal accents, faux stitching, and use a paper
crimper to create a book you'll want to touch.
This book would make an amazing present for dad
or the hubby for Father's Day, or like me you could
just put pics of the kids in it.

A pic showing some of the detail on the front cover.

The book will include 3 pages with flip outs
a perfect space for journaling. No need to bring
any photos, (I used 6 full size photos in mine)
these can easily be inserted at a later date.

If you would like to make this mini book, please
email me to reserve your spot.
Class cost is $20 and is all inclusive.

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