Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Get ready for summer

One day while surfing the many great blogs out there, I discovered these cute iceblock cards and just had to make them. They look great in heaps of colors (red, pink, yellow) and were super quick and easy to make. I did make quite a few of them, but then my sister spotted them and decided to take them. And the best thing about them, the fruit stamps used are only $21.95 for 4 (you also get a strawberry and a cherry - I'll use the cherry on my xmas cards as well) and you can use scraps of card and ribbons. I love using my scraps, it always gives me a sense of satisfaction to use something that might otherwise be thrown away. I think these would make fabulous invites for a party or a great card for a child.
My class samples are almost finished, just a bit of tweeking on one of the items, so will post tomorrow.
See you then.

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Dani Fender said...

Great idea! Very sweet. I love it!